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Know-Center GmbH

Graz, Steiermark · 2 Jobs für Studenten und Absolventen

Warum legt Know Center Wert darauf, Studierende zu beschäftigen?

Know-Center is a research center that is affiliated with Graz Technical University. We are located in the heart of the TUG Inffeldgasse campus and have a direct contact with students on a daily basis. Part of our mission is to foster highly-qualified personnel for science and industry. Over the years, we have become a top training facility, which offers young talents an opportunity to improve their scientific skills and acquire practical hands-on experience on an exciting and fast-growing market. In our international interdisciplinary team, seasoned experts and students work side by side to learn from one another, exchange ideas and develop creative solutions to scientific and industrial problems.

Studierende welcher Studiengänge sind für Know Center interessant?

Computer Science, Software Development, Telematics, Mathematics, Statistics, Information Science, Engineering disciplines or comparable scientific/technical degree programs.

Was ist Know Center bei BewerberInnen besonders wichtig?

  • High degree of own initiative
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and in a team
  • Willingness to take responsibility

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