Diplomarbeit / Master’s Thesis PV & Storage in Wien bei AFRY Management Consulting Austria GmbH

Diplomarbeit / Master’s Thesis PV & Storage

AFRY Management Consulting Austria GmbH, Wien

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Diplomarbeit / Master’s Thesis
“(Co-)Location of PV and storage - Determination of the optimal interaction for different configurations and evaluation of incentives”

The Austrian government programme 2020-2024 sets ambitious targets for PV-installations and provides opportunities for the application of storage systems. In order to achieve these objectives, AFRY supports local research in this area. Interested students are invited to explore this trend-setting topic with our support and cooperation for a Master Thesis.

  • Start: As soon as possible
  • Duration: About 6 months, extension can be agreed
  • Support: One of our consultants will directly provide you with guidance and support
  • Network: Exchange knowledge and ideas with our experts from all areas of the energy industry
  • Payment: We offer a full-time internship with EUR 1,310.- gross salary for a period of six months
  • Organisation: 50% of the time is reserved for your thesis, 50% for AFRY project work
  • Output: We expect valuable output, sound research and collaboration with our international team
  • Language: The Master’s Thesis (Diplomarbeit) should be written in English

Academic support (official thesis advisor at the university) has to be organised by the student. We expect you to independently develop and research a more precise description of your potential topic for the thesis in the area of PV and storage application. However, these two general topics may be used as a framework:

  • Self-optimization vs. system optimization: The integration of PV and storage at different levels (building, neighbourhood, grid node) is mostly motivated through micro-economic ambitions and the desire for self-sufficiency. The optimisation does hardly consider macro-economic aspects on the overall system. Can coordinated storage systems provide a macro-economic advantage and what could be appropriate incentives?
  • Local Energy Communities: This new form of organisation is increasingly emerging in liberalised energy markets – including Austria. However, we cannot yet clearly see their role in the future energy system. Are they economically viable and what are other incentives? How do energy communities interact with the grid? What is the ideal composition and what design elements need to be considered for a sustainable long-term operation?

However, we are open for any suggestion on other topics from your side, given they are related to PV and storage systems and their application within the energy sector.

Interested? Then please send a short description of your potential thesis (including the proposed timetable), your CV and a short motivation letter to mc.at@afry.com. We will get in touch with you soon after. You will be provided with excellent learning and research opportunities across a broad range of experts and clients within a stimulating and friendly environment. Your application will be treated strictly confidential.

Master- / Diplomarbeit
40 h/Woche
rund 1.300 brutto EUR pro Monat
AFRY Management Consulting Austria GmbH
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