Master Thesis: “Development of a scenario description language for the validation of autonomous driving systems” in Graz bei Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH
Master- / Diplomarbeit bei Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH

Master Thesis: “Development of a scenario description language for the validation of autonomous driving systems”

Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH, Graz

VIRTUAL VEHICLE is a leading international R&D center for the automotive and rail industries. The center focuses on advanced virtualization of vehicle development. This linking of numerical simulations and hardware testing leads to a powerful HW-SW system design.

With the development of autonomous vehicles, the need for sophisticated testing and validation strategies of autonomous driving systems (ADS) is increasing rapidly. The HEADSTART project ( aims to define testing and validation procedures of Connected and Automated Driving functions. Scenariobased testing will be one of the key elements for such novel testing strategies.

The scenario description format OpenSCENARIO (OSC) 1.0 currently provides a low-level and concrete specification format. However, for sophisticated validation procedures, as described in the HEADSTART project, a broad range of abstraction levels is needed. Therefore, OSC 2.0 is currently developed as a domain-specific language (DSL), which should support all levels of scenario description, from the abstract to the very concrete in a suitable way.


  • Analyzing the aspects of a DSL compared to an XML-based approach
  • Evaluation of the proposed DSL for OSC 2.0
  • Derive lexer/parser from the current reference implementation of OSC 2.0
  • Implementation of the DSL into CARLA


  • Master study in Computer Science, Software Engineering or similar
  • Strong skills in python
  • Work in an independent and structured manner


  • Collaboration and contribution in an engaged, dynamic team
  • Interesting work in an international research center
  • Paid Thesis
  • Mentoring program for new employees’
  • Diverse sports and health activities regularly
  • Corporate Events

For technical questions, please contact

Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Michael Schmeja,


Master- / Diplomarbeit
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