NVH optimized high speed electric motor for EV application in Graz bei AVL List GmbH

NVH optimized high speed electric motor for EV application

AVL List GmbH, Graz

Nowadays hybrid and fully electric drives have been developing in variety, power and range. One of the main NVH sources is the Electric Motor. The excitations in the Electric Motor, caused by the electromagnetic forces, excite the structure. The goal of this thesis is to choose the best layout for an high speeds electric vehicle.


  • Literature study
  • FEM simulation of different electric motor layouts
  • Study of different transfer functions
  • Analysis of forces, torque, efficiency maps
  • Comparison of the layouts, final recommendations and guidelines
  • Reporting and summarizing the methodology


  • Electrical or Mechanical engineering, Technical physics


  • Experience in electric motors is appreciated
  • Language: English or German


The successful completion of the thesis is remunerated with a one-time fee of EUR 2,500 before tax.

​​​​​​​According to the Austrian Employment of Foreign Nationals Act it is unfortunately not possible to assign graduate work to third-country citizens (Non-EU citizens) who study at a university abroad

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