Project & Community-Manager ICON Network in Graz bei block42 Blockchain Company GmbH

Project & Community-Manager ICON Network

block42 Blockchain Company GmbH, Graz

ICON is one of the most-promising blockchain frameworks which currently exist. Join our team to push ICON to the next level.

Since ICON's ( beginnings in 2017 block42 is actively engaged in the project. ICON is a blockchain platform initiated by a Korean-based company. Besides our token investment we started to develop applications based on the ICON blockchain as well as running a node to decentralize the network. Now it's time to expand our efforts for ICON and expand our team with a project and community manager.


  • Take over the project lead for ICON
  • Coordinate block42's internal project resources (development, node hosting, etc.)
  • Communicate on ICON's social media channels (Telegram, Reddit, Forum, etc.)
  • Write blog post and twitter updates
  • Coordinate our ICON Europe initiative (


  • Any experience with blockchain/crypto projects
  • (Beneficial but not mandatory): experience with ICON
  • Solid in English
  • Spend at least 20 h/week for your new tasks (up to full-time if you want)
  • Skilled in community work, blogging and texting
  • Skilled in managing technical projects


  • Choose your workplace - you don't have to be located in Graz/Austria. As long as you're equipped with a stable internet connection you can work from anywhere in the world
  • Choose your work-time - we have very few fixed meetings. It is up to you to choose when you fulfill your tasks
  • A team of young, skilled and open-minded blockchain enthusiasts
  • Join an already successful member of the ICON network with a considerable track-record within the ICON community.
  • Optional: we will pay - at least a part of - your salary in cryptocurrencies

You can fulfill this job either as a freelancer or being part-time employed. The compensation is based on the form of contract and the amount of hours you're willing to work per week. We're happy to elaborate this details together in a meeting/video-call.

If you're interested in working with us, please reach out to us via e-mail ( or Telegram (@usi111). We're happy to get to know you!

Additional resources:

  • List of ICON's Public Representatives ("P-Reps"):
  • block42 ICON Medium page:
  • block42's P-Rep application form:
  • ICON Europe website:
  • block42's Github repo:
Ab sofort
max. 38.5h
Joanneumring 3, 8010 Graz
€ 2,400 / month (gross)
block42 Blockchain Company GmbH
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