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Cloudflight Austria GmbH

Create exceptional solutions to make an impact on our customers’ digital business. Build the digital future with software that matters to have a positive impact on humankind.

Short description

At Cloudflight, we’ve been building a home full of open communication, purpose and mastery where you can unfold your wings and take responsibility from day one. We are makers, creators, and innovators. We provide an agile and safe place where brilliant people proudly shape the digital future and enable each other to grow. Use your flexibility and autonomy to foster your work environment and contribute to an ambitious journey. Join us and work alongside the greatest minds, because at Cloudflight, your work is meaningful, significant, and has an impact. Together, with outstanding passion we do our best for excellent software solutions every day.

Product - Service

We are a cross-functional team that takes over the entire process of digital solution development – from A to Z. Cloudflight is a leader in the European digitalization market. It brings together digital strategists, software developer and architects, data scientists, cloud engineers and consultants to co-create digital value through customized software and artificial intelligence solutions. Working in agile, multidisciplinary and scalable teams, Cloudflight offers a holistic, endto-end service portfolio covering individual software development, strategy, technical and user-experience consulting as well as 24/7 cloud operations.

Company culture

Why Cloudflight? Since our leaders have seen colleagues struggle in a toxic environment they want to create and keep a flourishing company culture. They have mastered setting up an environment that allows us to successfully deliver software projects on budget and within time – even with the highest customer and employee satisfaction. That’s so extraordinary – no other company achieves that so regularly. We deliver more than 150 projects per year. Our most important goal in the present as well as in the future is to find and bind the best minds, form world-class teams, encourage them by challenging real-world problems, trust them and give them the independence they need to fully develop. Tons of traditions and habits make Cloudflight a special place.

Insights Cloudflight Austria GmbH

We asked you how Cloudflight Austria GmbH ticks:

Wordrap 🎤

  • ◻️ Professionalism vs. ☑️ Personality 
  • ☑️ Remote vs. ◻️ Office
  • ☑️ Dynamic vs. ◻️ Structured
  • ☑️ Self-initiative vs. ◻️ Mentoring
  • ☑️ International vs.◻️ Regional
  • ◻️ Adventure vs. ☑️ Safety
  • ☑️ Flexitime vs. ◻️ nine-to-five
  • ☑️ learning-by-doing vs. ◻️ (internal) further training
  • ☑️ T-shirt/jeans vs. ◻️ dress/suit
  • ◻️ Unpunctual perfect vs.☑️ Punctual imperfect
  • ☑️ Fail fast vs. ◻️ take long
  • ◻️ coffee & cake vs. ☑️ wine & beer
  • ☑️ Public transport vs. ◻️ Car
  • ☑️ Bachelor vs. ◻️ Master
  • ◻️ German vs. ☑️ English
  • ◻️ Sales targets vs. ☑️ Sustainability targets
  • ◻️ Application process as a marathon vs. ☑️ Application process as a sprint
  • ☑️ Employer benefits vs. ◻️ Salary

Finish the sentence... 📝

💬 After-work drinks... "are a good opportunity to enjoy our modern offices away from work."

💬 We are grateful to our employees* for these qualities: "openness, inventiveness, diversity, initiative"

💬 At lunchtime, we... "like to take a break from work together."

💬 During exam-intensive times... "we are flexible regarding the number of working hours."

💬 Motivational writing we find.... "only relevant if it contains something important."

💬 The best application contains... "a well structured CV, and the info what the applicant wants to do."

💬 Our customers make special... "that their high expectations of us are met".

💬 What sets us apart from other companies (in the industry) is that... "we also put one's pants on one leg at a time just like everybody else ;)"

💬 The most unusual degree program in our company is.... "Theology."


  • Flexible working hours

  • Employee notebook

  • Home Office

  • Canteen & meal allowances

  • Health measures

  • Team activities