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Infineon Technologies Austria AG

Company in the areas of Microelectronics, Technology, R&D and Automotive
is searching for students and graduates
Infineon Technologies Austria AG Logo
Infineon Technologies Austria AG Logo

We make life easier, safer and greener.

Company Introduction

Does contributing to cutting-edge technology AND to a better world sound interesting to you? That's exactly what we do at Infineon Technologies Austria AG: We make life easier, safer and greener – with technology that achieves more, consumes less and is accessible to everyone. Microelectronics from Infineon is the key to a better future. Efficient use of energy, environmentally-friendly mobility and security in a connected world – we solve some of the most critical challenges that our society faces while taking a conscientious approach to the use of natural resources.


Digital transformation is changing our world. A range of innovative products and services is covering almost all areas of life. In power semiconductors Infineon is the world market leader. Microelectronics from Infineon connects the real and digital world: Our chips enable intelligent mobility, efficient energy management as well as secure data acquisition and transmission. Whether in vehicles, smartphones, refrigerators, cash cards, ID cards or in data centers, robots and industrial plants - know-how from Infineon Austria can be found in many everyday applications. Especially our R&D sites in Austria focus on the development of ever smaller and more energy-efficient chips for applications in automotive, industrial and consumer electronics.

Part of your life. Part of tomorrow.

Company Culture

Diversity & Inclusion begins with us! Excellent employees are the fundamental part of Infineon Austria. With their motivation, flexibility and professional competence, they shape Infineon’s culture. Together we focus on:

  • Innovation, creativity and continuous striving for improvement through a low hierarchy and an open culture of our employees’ ideas.
  • Flexible working time models, teleworking options, comprehensive health programs and a healthy work-life balance.
  • Training and continuing education, the inspiration of young talents for technology (STEM) and thus releasing diversity potentials.

Proudly ranked among the top 10 most attractive employers in Austria for the third time in a row.

Talto HR-Insights: Tips for your application and interview at Infineon

You want to know how you can convince us with your CV, what we look for in application documents and what we expect in an interview? Andrea, Elisabeth and Martin work as Talent Attraction Mangers at Infineon and will  tell you more!

This is what we look for in application documents:
Andrea and Elisabeth inform you about the biggest no-go's and the best introductory sentences for cover letters. 👇

What to expect in an interview at Infineon
"Do you have any further questions?" - Andrea and Martin give you tips which question you should ask when it comes to this point and how other applicants were able to convince them. 👇


  • Why does Infineon value employing students & young talents?

    It's never too early to think about the future. We ensure that you gain practical experience and increase your expertise. This will enable you to contribute to our innovative products in the microelectronics sector.

  • In which area of study is Infineon particularly interested in?

    Microelectronics, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Telematics, Chemistry, Material Science, Process Technology, Micro- & Nanotechnologies, Mechatronics, Mathematics, IT, etc.

  • Which qualities does Infineon appreciate in its applicants?

    Be interested. Be motivated. Be yourself.

  • Nice to know:

    We cultivate intense cooperation with universities and offer customized trainee programs and attractive entry-level opportunities (e.g. internships, theses).

  • Something special for graduates:

    Infineon Austria has launched the "Junior Talent Program" (JTP) to give young talents the opportunity to develop their personal strengths and knowledge in the semiconductor business. The 18-month trainee program is aimed at university graduates in technical and scientific fields. Through job rotations, targeted networking and training measures we give talents the opportunity to push their individual strengths, to develop social and methodological skills, and to expand networks.


  • Flexible working hours

  • Coaching, mentoring & networking

  • Wide range of training offers

  • Health promotion & sports programs

  • International Career Opportunities


  • Infineon Technologies Austria AGSiemensstraße 2, 9500 Villach
  • Infineon Technologies Linz GmbH & Co KGDonaufeldstraße 5, 4040 Linz
  • Infineon Technologies IT-Services GmbHLakeside B05, 9020 Klagenfurt
  • Infineon Technologies AG Development Center GrazBabenbergerstraße 10, 8020 Graz


Wir haben für euch nachgefragt, wie Infineon tickt:

☑️ Fachlichkeit  vs. ☑️ Persönlichkeit 

◻️Remote vs.  ☑️ Büro

☑️ Dynamisch vs. ◻️ Strukturiert

☑️ Eigeninitiative vs.◻️ Mentoring

☑️ International vs. ◻️ Regional

◻️ Abenteuer vs. ☑️ Sicherheit

☑️ Flexibel vs. ◻️ nine-to-five

☑️ Learning-by-doing vs. ☑️ (interne) Weiterbildung

☑️ T-Shirt/Jeans vs. ◻️ Kleid/Anzug

☑️ Unpünktlich perfekt vs. ◻️ Pünktlich unperfekt

☑️ Fail fast vs.  ◻️ Take long

☑️ Kaffee & Kuchen vs.◻️Wein & Bier

☑️ Öffis vs. ◻️ Auto

◻️ Bachelor vs. ☑️ Master

◻️ Mindeststudiendauer vs. ☑️ verschiedene Erfahrungen

◻️ Deutsch vs. ☑️ Englisch

◻️ Umsatzziele vs. ☑️ Nachhaltigkeitsziele

☑️ Employer Benefits vs. ◻️Gehalt

◻️ per Sie vs. ☑️ per Du


💬 After-work drinks sind bei uns... "weniger häufig als gemeinsamer Sport."

💬 Für diese Eigenschaften sind wir unseren Mitarbeiter*innen dankbar: "Innovationsfähigkeit"

💬 Mittags wird bei uns... "in der modernsten Kantine Österreichs gegessen."

💬 In prüfungs-intensiven Zeiten...  "geben wir unseren Praktikant*innen Flexibilität, ihre Arbietszeit anzupassen."

💬 Berufseinsteiger*innen punkten bei uns mit... "Eigeninitiative, Selbstbewusstsein & fachlichen Kenntnissen."

💬 Motivationsschreiben finden wir... "sehr wichtig"

💬 Die beste Bewerbung enthält... "alle Informationen & keine Rechtschreibfehler."

💬 Unsere Kunden macht aus, dass... "sie unsere Teile in allen möglichen Geräten verbauen und sie damit im Alltag zu finden sind. Außerdem sind unsere Kunden sehr international und aus den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen."

💬 Von anderen Unternehmen (aus der Branche) unterscheidet uns, dass... "wir in Kärnten ganz nahe am Wörthersee mit der perfekten work-life Situation sind."

💬 Der ungewöhnlichste Studiengang in unserem Unternehmen ist... "Meeresbiologie."


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