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A savage journey to the heart of Web3. ArtsyApes is a collective founded by renowned Austrian artist Stebo that develops blockchain solutions for the art world by means of an NFT Collection of the same name. Owners of an ArtsyApes Token are able to transform their digital ArtsyApes into physical artworks - This is where our backing system comes into play. Using NFC Chip technology, we’re bringing real world goods to the Blockchain, thus securing them with proof of ownership, origin, and uniqueness. Having a successful launch under our belt, we’re proud of having fostered a global community while pioneering the concept of physical tokens. Additionally, we’ve built a strong local network and are partnered with leading tech companies such as Infineon Technologies as well as lifestyle brands. Do you have what it takes to capitalize on this environment and build this brand into a self-sustaining ecosystem?

Fancy graphical versionRequirements

  • Preferably residence in/near Graz - Because video calls don’t have the necessary bandwidth for everything
  • 5+ years of provable experience
  • Degree in Business Administration, preferably with a focus on Marketing - Which didn‘t change your way of thinking to be „by-the-book“
  • Confident creating branding, coordinating social media campaigns, product promotion
  • Must have owned Cryptocurrency for at least 3 years and have a rudimentary understanding of Blockchain Technology
  • Full command of the English language (C2), German is nice-to-have
  • The end-all-be-all: Likeability, we want to enjoy each other‘s company - Literally

Personal Descriptors

  • This isn‘t your first rodeo. You‘ve either been involved in a startup before or are equipped to embrace such an environment.
  • You feel confident in describing yourself as a builder by nature and like to see your personal projects through to the end.
  • You have entrepreneurial spirit and pragmatic acumen at the same time.
  • You have a knack for (further) developing a business model, laying out business cases and deducing product visions from them.
  • You think, talk, and act fast and are motivated by solving problems.
  • You don’t mind a bit of blue talk.

Why choose us?

  • Chance to become a real co-founder
  • Join one of the few European startups in Web3 with a proven track record
  • We firmly believe that flexibility is conducive to results - In addition to our flexitime model, you are free to work remotely for some weeks per annum after we already got our groove down together
  • Young team with a capital “Y”
  • Sick office, plenty of space for creative freedom and self-realization


The minimum salary for this position is €49.000 per year. Truthfully, this is only a number - We’re willing to find solutions tailored specifically to you, like an ESOP.

Bounty: Do you know someone who could be the right fit for this job? Hit us up - If that person gets hired, you land directly on “Go” and collect €500 for the referral!