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Mars 2020 Mastcam-Z 3D Vision, in collaboration with the Mars 2020 Science Team FEMtech-Praktikum in der Forschungsgruppe Bildanalyse und Messsysteme AIM To produce a video using a 3D visualization asset (PRo3D) that immersively documents the trajectory of the Mars 2020 Rover Perseverance and its companion Ingenuity. See a Simple Example, to be expanded over the Perseverance Rover’s trajectory (~3km) combining various 3D data products distributed over the full operational site.


In cooperation with geologists you collect existing satellite 3D models and 3D models generated from the Mastcam-Z instrument, overlay them on top of each other, identify multi-scale virtual trajectories, add existing geologic annotations and prepare, conduct and validate the offline rendering of videos.  You will maintain the existing data elements in their spatial distribution in a suitable form, and help develop an interface for maintenance of huge amounts of geolocated textured point clouds prepared for interfacing to PRo3D.


  • Computer graphics background and/or video production skills
  • Information technology / multimedia application skills
  • Beneficial: Planetary science / geology
  • Basic Python skills
  • Beneficial: Study in communication and media


JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH


Subject: DIGITAL Internship Mars 2020

Contact person: Gerhard Paar


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