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Because the world needs software to work perfectly

Short description

Dynatrace is a software product company developing an all-in-one software intelligence platform. We provide automated, AI-powered full-stack coverage to give our customers answers, not just data. Founded in 2005 in Linz, Austria, Dynatrace has grown to a diverse and international team of experts spread across the globe. Our shared curiosity drives us to go beyond the obvious solution and anticipate the future, using our agile mindset to explore root causes and find new approaches when faced with setbacks. We don't just work together; we respect each other, laugh with each other, and of course celebrate our successes with each other.

Product - Service

We believe that the world needs software to work perfectly. That's why we reinvented our product from scratch and surprised the market with our Software Intelligence Platform for the enterprise cloud. Our platform combines Application performance management, Cloud infrastructure monitoring, IT Operations powered by AI and Digital customer experience management. It helps customers like Google, SAP, Amazon, Microsoft, H&M, Audi/VW, BMW, Samsung and others to deliver perfect software. We work with modern software technologies like Java, C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, Golang, Swift.

Company culture

Teamwork: We are one team: we share goals, responsibilities, and decision-making. We aren’t all the same, and therefore we benefit from our differences. At Dynatrace, we believe in solution-oriented work ethics rather than blaming and finger pointing. We strive for collaboration to deliver the best outcome and we have fun as we go, celebrating success along the way. Innovation: We are a young, agile working company that constantly challenges the status quo. We aren't afraid to lead the charge and new horizons and disrupt the competition - for us, change is the only constant. International: We are an international company with locations all around the globe. We value our cultural diversity and offer a buddy system that helps international colleagues feel at home as soon as possible. Ambition: At Dynatrace we walk the talk and create solutions that simply work. We don't think outside the box, we think like there is no box. Inspiring each other rather than competing against each other is the approach motivating us every day.


We took a look behind the scenes to find out how Dynatrace really works:

  • 💬 After-work drinks are... "common and everybody's welcome."
  • 💬 We honour our employees for these qualities: "Reliability, Team Spirit, Open Door Policy."
  • 💬 At lunch... "we eat together and don't just talk about work."
  • 💬 During exam periods...  "everyone can work flexible hours and focus on their studies."
  • 💬 Career starters impress with... "ambition, high engagement and a passion for software engineering."
  • 💬 Cover letters are... "very important to get to know you better."
  • 💬 The best application includes... "not only details about your technical skills but also shows who you really are."
  • 💬 Our customers work with us because... "they can monitor their own software and get notified about bugs and their root cause."
  • 💬 We're different to other companies in this industry because... "around 800 engineers working on one and the same product named Dynatrace, this software is our core business."
  • 💬 The most unusual degree in our company is... "Social work (Soziale Arbeit)."
  • ◻️ Expertise  vs. ☑️ Personality
    We value both but personality beats expertise. 
  • ◻️ Remote vs.  ☑️ Office
    Although working from home is an option, we love seeing each other in the office.
  • ☑️ Dynamic vs. ◻️ Structured
    We use agile development methods and drive innovation continuously.
  • ☑️ Initiative vs.◻️ Mentoring
    We live upon the Autonomy Principle which means that anyone can decide by themselves if they consult with all people involved.
  • ☑️ International vs. ◻️ Local
    Our corporate language is English spoken in 60 offices all around the globe.
  • ☑️ Adventurous vs. ◻️  Secure
    We don't have boring and monotonous jobs and your job field will constantly change and develop, too.
  • ☑️ Flexible vs. ◻️ nine-to-five
    We have core business hours but flexible hours & working from home is an option.
  • ☑️ Learning-by-doing vs. ◻️ (internal/external) Education
    We do both as we learn from each other (paired coding, mentoring) and offer external trainings (conferences, e-learning platforms).
  • ☑️ T-Shirt/Jeans vs. ◻️ Dress/Suit
    You can be who you are and wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.
  • ◻️ Unpunctual perfect vs. ☑️  Punctual imperfect
    Among other methods, we work with scrum and regular adaptions & discussions are part of our everyday work live.
  • ☑️ Fail fast vs. ◻️ take long
    As we try out new things a lot, mistakes happen. However, we learn from those mistakes. 
  • ◻️ Coffee & Cake vs. ☑️ Wine & Beer
    Regardless of whether it's coffee or beer, we like to spend time together and celebrate our achievements.
  • ☑️  Public transport vs. ◻️ Car
    Sustainability and local products are highly important to us. We also provide parking lots for our employees.
  • ◻️ Bachelor vs. ☑️ Master
    Our product is complex and thus, working at Dynatrace requires a sophisticated background. However, you can start your career at Dynatrace with a bachelor's degree, too. 
  • ☑️ Experience vs. ◻️ Fast graduation
    We want to know more about your previous experience, for example if you also worked on private software projects.

Onboarding @Dynatrace

What Content & Community Manager Giulia thinks about the #Onboarding

What Agile Coach Jelena thinks about the #Onboarding

What Growth Product Manager Simon thinks about the #Onboarding

What Software Development Director Thomas thinks about the #Onboarding


Why does Dynatrace value employing students & young talents? 

For us, a good balance between long-term employees and young talents is crucial. We want to accompany you at the start of your career, which is why we offer internships and part time positions for students.

We believe it is not just about professional experience but also about the will to acquire new knowledge. We appreciate young talents because of their fresh view on existing topics and their profound knowledge base.

We want to share our knowledge with you and grow together. At Dynatrace we are always looking for those with high potential - our work is meaningful and yours should be too!

In which area of study is Dynatrace particularly interested in?

  • (Angewandte) Informatik
  • Information and Computer Engineering
  • Software Engineering and Management
  • Innovationsmanagement
  • Wirtschaftsinformatik
  • Softwareentwicklung-Wirtschaft
  • Software-Design
  • Media-Design
  • Internettechnik
  • Informationsdesign
  • Informationsmanagement
  • Informationstechnologie
  • Computer Science

Which qualities does Dynatrace appreciate in its applicants?

  • You will feel in good hands at Dynatrace if:
  • you are interested in working with cutting-edge technologies.
  • you are an absolute team player but still enjoy autonomy.
  • you enjoy constantly developing your skills and yourself as a person.
  • you are a curious, ambitious and goal-oriented person
  • you feel comfortable in an international environment with English communication

Talto HR-Insights: Tips for your application at Dynatrace

You want to know how you can convince us with your CV and what we look for in application documents? Corinna our Recruiting Partner at Dynatrace will tell you more 👇

Job Application

Applying at Dynatrace might be the best choice you make in your life! Please apply for your dream job using the button on our career website. Our recruiting partner will then contact you with further information. If your application fits an open job position, we will invite you to come to our office. An interview at Dynatrace focuses on us getting to know each other, as well as a technical talk. We hope that you will be part of the Dynatrace galaxy soon!


  • Canteen & meal allowances

    Fruits, Drinks and Smoothies, Snacks and Cereals, Food subsidy

  • Sponsors & Mentors Program

    Health offers (cost takeover for sport events, running groups, fitness checks)

  • Company car

    Parking spaces and good connections with public transport

  • Flexible working hours

    Flexible working hours, sabbatical

  • Training and further education measures

    Education and training (Meet-ups, Developer conferences)

  • Team activities

    Events (Skiing Day, Christmas celebration, Achievement Celebrations), Fun-Corner/Gaming Area

  • Employee notebook

    State-of-the-art IT equipment

Engineering Labs in Austria

Dynatrace is 3-in-1: A global market and technology leader with a start-up mentality at heart, offering all the benefits of a local Austrian company. We enable all teams, independent of location and expertise, to strive for true value creation. Therefore, we are looking for experts and leaders throughout all technological and organizational fields of expertise.


In Graz, we focus on Digital Business. Digital Business is a combination of platforms, tools and services to deliver an unrivaled, world-class customer lifecycle experience. With these digital services, we get deep insights into the customer journey, enabling us to offer proactive support and services, identify new business opportunities, drive operational excellence, and ultimately ensure customer success.


Our Hagenberg Lab has its focus on our platform, application security and Data Science. With close research links to the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, we work on core Dynatrace cluster components, while our Data Scientists gather new insights that fuel our AI.


Klagenfurt is focusing on end-to-end, full stack product development of the Dynatrace platform, working on Mobile Real User Monitoring, Cloud Monitoring, Application Security as well as Cloud Automation – with lots of collaboration with other teams and labs.


Linz is our Engineering Headquarters. All strands of product development and strategic decision-making come together here, in close collaboration with our other Engineering Labs across Austria and Europe.


In Vienna, we are already looking into the future – focusing on developer experience and product extensibility on top of the current product, which will allow for an even more targeted use of existing data in companies. For this venture, we are looking for the best of the best in software development, backend orchestration &storage, UX &product design, data science and test automation.


In Innsbruck, we focus on transforming Keptn, our open-source Kubernetes automation framework, into an enterprise-ready product that brings intelligent application lifecycle orchestration to our customer's Kubernetes environments. To continue our mission, we're looking for motivated talents.