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A savage journey to the heart of Web3.

Short description

ArtsyApes is a collective founded by renowned Austrian artist Stebo that develops blockchain solutions for the art world by means of a sold-out NFT Collection of the same name. 

Product - Service

Owners of an ArtsyApes Token are able to transform their digital ArtsyApes into physical artworks - This is where our backing system comes into play. Using NFC Chip technology, we’re bringing real world goods to the Blockchain, thus securing them with proof of ownership, origin, and uniqueness. Having a successful launch under our belt, we’re proud of having fostered a global community while pioneering the concept of physical tokens. Additionally, we’ve built a strong local network and are partnered with leading tech companies such as Infineon Technologies as well as lifestyle brands.

Company culture

We are a young team with a capital "Y" who genuinely enjoy spending time together and working on awesome projects. This is why we really like to get to know people before working with them - Personality is our end-all-be-all, it's not just about the number of degrees. We offer a sick office with plenty of space for creative freedom and self-realization, to firmly underline our belief that flexibility is conducive to results.