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🇬🇧How to study Translation and end up as a Tech Blogger / Content & Community Manager.

Hi, I am Giulia and I'll tell you how my career start was after finishing my studies 

What you need to know about me

  • Studies: Bachelor

    Interlinguistic mediation (English, German, Italian)

  • Studies: Master

    Translation (English, German, Italian - Marketing and tourism speciality)

  • University: Bachelor

    Università degli studi di Udine

  • University: Master

    Karl-Franzens University in Graz

  • Graduation year:


  • My first job:

    1st Level Support officer in an international IT consulting company called BearingPoint GmbH.

  • Job title on my current business card:

    Tech Blogger at Dynatrace

My work day: A little insight

What does a typical week at the office look like?
We have flexi-time and I am an early riser, so I usually start my workday at 7:30 and finish between 3 and 4 pm. On Fridays, I work from home, but for the rest of the week I'm in the office. I take care of all the content that is on our products website and prepare blog posts as well as social media posts. I strategize together with the other content marketers on what content could be needed and create it, based on SEO keywords and trends. 

Which challenges do you face?
It was my first experience working 100% with a distributed team, where I had to collaborate with colleagues in Spain and in the US every day. 🤝

What is the main reason you love your job for?
I learn a lot in this job and I keep on learning new things about marketing and digital marketing every day. I like the variety of tasks in my job. I had to work with video, as well as texts from documentation to blog posts. Technical documentation is also a big part of my current job. The team spirit at dynatrace is just incredible.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
I like writing and editing texts, so I can see myself being happy in this field for a long time. In the long-term future I might also like to take up some side jobs as a freelancer. 😊

I learned in my studies how to tailor texts based on the target group. This is very useful when you write blog posts and technical documentations.

Skills you need for this job

How much do graduates have to know when starting their first job?
I guess it depends. Directly after my degree I did not have any marketing knowledge, so it would have been harder to start in content marketing. I learned all about marketing thanks to personal interest and personal projects like blogging, but we hardly learned anything about that at university. The same goes with starting in IT support, I had to learn a lot that had nothing to do with my degree, but it was easier because I already had an idea of computers just out of personal interest.

Which subjects from your studies are you particularly happy about today?
I learned in my studies how to tailor texts based on who will be reading them and that is very useful when you write website content like blog posts and technical documentation. 🖋️

Which skills do you need a lot but haven't acquired during your studies?
I had to learn how to use Wordpress properly and using Youtube Studio. I was surprised how much Google Ads are actually used – I thought a lot more was based on SEO.

Your opinion about Bachelor/Master/PHD: Which education level is required in your field?

I think a Bachelors degree is enough to get into any job at first. But I also think you should invest the time, even during the studies, and learn on the side about things in the field you are interested in. 👩‍🎓

Once you already have a job it's easier to climb up or move laterally, learn a lot and get more managerial positions with time and experience. I think work experience is more valuable than having a degree currently. However, it was useful for me to get a Master's because otherwise I would have never been able to improve my German to the level it is now. 

My advice for you:

If I could go back to myself as a student, I would tell myself to take up a second degree course in informatics whilst studying at the translation department too. Back then I had no idea that I would end up in this field!

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