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How my internship turned into a job as a Test Automation Engineer at Dynatrace

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🇬🇧Are you ready for insights into a well-established software company? Daniela will tell you why an internship at Dynatrace is the perfect career start. Especially, the role as a Test Automation Engineer is ideal for starting your first job after graduating as a bachelor from university. Find out what a typical working day in this role looks like.

Hi, I’m Daniela, 21 years old and working as a Test Automation Engineer in the CARPE (Cloud Application Readiness Peer Enablement) team at Dynatrace.

Daniela from Dynatrace

▶️ As an icebreaker, can you describe your experience with Dynatrace in 3 words for us?

Exciting, challenging, motivating.

▶️ Sounds like an adventure! And how did your journey at Dynatrace start?

I joined Dynatrace the very first time in 2015 for an internship and returned in 2016 for my second one. After the second great internship, it was clear to me that I wanted to work at Dynatrace full-time. In 2018 I started my first job joining the CARPE team.

▶️ What responsibilities does a Software Engineer in the CARPE team have?

My main responsibilities are enabling, guiding & accompanying development teams in defining, implementing and maintaining automated end to end tests. For new features we’re providing feedback, always thinking from the customer’s perspective and trying to fulfill their expectations. Other key tasks are continually improving our test framework and infrastructure as well as automating processes.

▶️ Do you have touchpoints with other departments?

We work with basically all the R&D departments across all labs, but mainly with the development teams.

▶️ You’re referring to “R&D departments in all labs”, where does Dynatrace have these offices?

Our R&D headquarters can be found in Linz, furthermore we’ve R&D labs in Klagenfurt, Graz, Vienna and Hagenberg. Globally, I work with the R&D labs of Detroit, Barcelona, and Gdansk.

Working at Dynatrace

▶️ What do you like the most about your job?

No day is like the others, that’s what I like most about my job. I can plan my tasks as it best suits me, getting regular feedback and opportunities to improve my skills.

I work with so many different teams, which is great as I’m always ‘learning by doing’.

But in general, our team and department are like a big family, always supporting each other, and that’s one of the main reasons why working here at Dynatrace is so great.

▶️ You say that “no day is like the others”, does that mean that you don’t have a typical workday? Or can you describe one workday to us?

I’m one of the early birds starting already at 6am in the morning and leaving around 3pm on Monday to Thursday and 12pm on Fridays.

My typical workday starts with shorter tasks and several syncs with different people. After lunch I usually start then with the more focused work on specific topics.

At 10:15am we have our standup in a smaller, more detailed round on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and a more high-level round on Tuesday and Thursday with the global CARPE team to talk about only the most relevant topics.

As we’re from different labs and countries, our meetings are always held via Zoom. That’s why the change to home-office due to Covid-19 was luckily not a big deal for us.

During days in the office, we have several smaller coffee breaks where we all meet together, having fun, talking about non-business stuff and often eating cakes. At the moment, we’re doing these breaks also via Zoom, which is of course not the same as in the office, but the upside is that we can include our colleagues from the other labs too.

I really like these breaks as they let me recharge and boost my energy, motivation and concentration.

▶️ It’s good to hear that a change to home-office was no big deal and that you can work as usual.

Yes, that’s awesome.

Working at Dynatrace

▶️ We saw that the software in your company is very sophisticated and consists of different solutions – how do you describe Dynatrace to your family and friends?

To be honest, it's really difficult to explain Dynatrace to my family and friends as most of them don't even know how software works, or think that “clouds” refer to the weather!

I try to explain to them that big companies often have complex systems or too many components to have a detailed overview of them, and by using Dynatrace they get insights into their system, with actual stats and dependencies for every single component. So, when problems occur, they can identify the root cause much faster.

And when talking about life at Dynatrace itself, I always mention that I’m proud that we have such great team collaborations. Although we are a big company spread across different labs and countries, we manage to communicate well with each other and achieve success together.

▶️ We know that Dynatrace is growing fast and always searching for new employees. How do you imagine your future colleague?

Our future colleagues should be open-minded and interested in analyzing and improving automated processes.

As a test automation engineer, you need programming skills and a dedication for automation and optimization. Also, working autonomously and being able to take the lead on new topics is necessary for good collaboration within the company.

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